In The End we are All Alone

Dying Slave, 2016.

Curated by Jason Colcin-Carter and Becca Pelly, ‘In The End We Are All Alone’ brings together a number of artists that will explore the nature of humanity and the eternal search of meaning in our daily lives.

The show is being held at the Griffin Galley  and runs from 17 March – 22 April 2016.


“Like musical prodigies, these artists have been chosen for their capacity to reinterpret traditional mediums and techniques in unexpected ways: Paul Benney, Bartholomew Beal, Jimin Chea, Guillemette Monchy, Dorte Kloppenborg Scrummager and Guy Hadden Grant. An international collective that screams zeitgeist, brought together by a visionary art agency with Colchin-Carter at the helm who, like Simco (Stefan Simchowitz) in the US, is changing the status quo and giving collectors access to some of the brightest rising stars of this generation.

“I see the resurgence of traditional skills like drawing, painting and sculpting as a reaction to the YBA’s turning 50. They are now BA’s and still very relevant, but artists like Beal or Jimin seem to really strike a chord with collectors looking for something new, where the hand of the artist is really palpable,” says Colchin-Carter.

It is a welcome tonic to the mechanical and deliberately impersonal Postmodernism that dominated the turn of the century in contemporary galleries and museums.”

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