Details I will be speaking in a panel discussion at the Royal College of Physicians Museum. 11 St Andrews Place, NW1 4LE London, United Kingdom along with Liz Rideal and Jessica Van der Weert to discuss the evolution of portraiture. (See RCP press release below). Tickets can be purchased through Eventbrite : go to link in my BIO. I was given 10 free tickets so message me if you’re feeling hard up! NCP-PRESS RELEASE.The Royal College of Physicians is one of a very few organisations which continues to commission portraits of its leaders. But how do contemporary portrait artists capture a personality? How do today’s portrait sitters hope to be represented? Do we need to do away with the pomp and ceremony of the past. What we see depicted in portraits today has evolved dramatically over the few centuries. Less about power and status, frequently in more informal settings, and often in the medium of photography, today’s sitters and artists seem to favour individuality over prestige. Compared with the imposing ‘swagger portraits’ of the past, is the twenty-first century just shy? Or have our values as a society shifted? And how has portraiture changed as issues around representation and diversity have become more widely acknowledged? Inspired by the RCP’s nationally-significant portrait collection, the panel made up of artists, curators and writers will explore the process by which portraits are commissioned today, the use of symbolism in contemporary portraits, and the continued fascination of portraiture as a form of representation.

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